The PROGRESS project started as a common enterprise of several Polish scientific institutions and Sun Microsystems. Research and development tasks of the grant have been realised by Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet AGH Kraków and Technical University of £ód¼. Funds for the project came from the Polish State Committee for Scientific Research and Sun Microsystems Poland.

The main goal of the PROGRESS project has been to provide an access environment to computing resources and services performed by a cluster of Sun computers.

The project has started in December 2001. Research and development phase was completed in September 2003. The designed architecture and tools were deployed in December 2003 as the PROGRESS HPC Portal. The PROGRESS HPC Portal is maintained by PSNC together with the other project participants since then. The software components which have been used to deploy the PROGRESS HPC Portal are maintained and controlled by authoring teams of the project participants.