The tools designed within the PROGRESS project are available for you under an open source license. Watch this page for updates on the release times and the new versions of the software.


Grid Service Provider

The PROGRESS Grid Service Provider package delivers independent grid and informational services for deployments in grid-portal environments. Services provided within the package enable: The GSP package is under constant research and enhancement. Other services and mechanisms are planned to be incorporated into the package. They will get consistently released in new versions. The current version 1.1 is available on this page since November 2004. It's available for download here.


Data Management System

The Data Management System enables creation of a distributed environment capable of storing and enabling access to large amount of data such as the data used and produced by scientific computing experiments performed in grids. With the DMS package it is possible to: The data management is enabled through multiple distributed data brokers which provide a web services interface.

The DMS package has been released in a form of a free download and can be downloaded here.



The grid, data and informational services provided by the GSP and DMS installations are enabled by java portlets within the PROGRESS HPC Portal. The portlets delivering job submission, application management, provider management, short news and data broker services and applied into a portal system form a comfortable workplace for grid users, application developers and grid-portal environment administrators. The portlets developed in the scope of the PROGRESS project have been released under an open source license in July and are available on this webpage. The range of available portlets will be enlarged continuously and their functionality will enhance with new mechanisms added to the services.