The Data Management System task is to allow for distributed data management, utilizing various opportunities of data storage and hide the complexity of the data access and management from the end uesrs. In particular we put the following requirements for the Data Management System:


Important features

The Data Management System (DMS) enables creation of a distributed environment capable of storing and enabling access to a large amount of data. It can serve as the source of input data and the destination for the results of computing experiments. The DMS data services are exposed to other middleware services and grid portals via a SOAP interface. The data may be stored on different types of storage resources, like disk systems, archivers or relational databases. DMS offers also a possiblity of including external scientific database contents as regular DMS files.

DMS includes some features known from digital libraries: it is possible to describe data resources with metadata which enables processing, searching and browsing files like digital documents. DMS has been load and stress tested, which ensures appropriate scalability in enterprise environment. It also delivers helpful administrative portal which provides access to full functionality of DMS. The security of the stored data is provided by external authorization system which constitutes a comprehensive suite of security features to protect enterprise environments. DMS is also ready to accomodate Single Sign-On models: we integrated our DMS installation with GSP and the Portal under one Single Sign-On model.

DMS enables also access to external data sources such as for example SRS. SRS is a data integration platform delivering genomic data and providing access to its resources through a web interface by default. The SRS resources have been enabled within the Data Management System through a specially designed module, the SRS Container. It is an example implementation of the Proxy module which is aimed to allow plugging read-only scientific databases into the DMS. The SRS Container enables DMS core platform to list the available databanks, their content and the attached metadata attributes, to build and execute queries, and to provide the data using the selected data transfer protocol. The SRS Container is highly customized towards the SRS platform to allow building complex queries and executing operations on the found entries.


See the DMS Portal

The DMS Portal featuring all the functionality of version 1.3 can be accessed here.


Get it now!

Version 1.3 of the DMS package can be downloaded here.