The PROGRESS HPC Portal is a grid-portal environment deployed based on the architecture and tools designed within the PROGRESS project. It incorporates the whole PROGRESS project testbed and involves new after-grant additions to the infrastructure. The first computing server added to PROGRESS grid infrastructure after the completion of the grant is a 2 CPU Linux cluster from Wroc³aw Centre for Networking and Supercomputing. The PROGRESS HPC Portal users can also use some of the resources belonging to the GridLab project testbed from time to time. This is based on their availabilty at the moment of access as the GridLab testbed is constantly being upgraded with new versions of tools developed within the project: the resources go offline in such circumstances. This connection between PROGRESS and GridLab infrastructures was started as the Global Grid presentation at the Supercomputing 2003 in Phoenix. See the Global Grid Map for the Global Grid resources.

The goal of the PROGRESS HPC Portal environment is to deliver a comfortable work-place for scientists accessing distributed computing resources and grid-enabled applications. This environment is planned to grow continuously and get enlarged and upgraded with new computing servers, new grid-enabled applications and new portlets and services.


Grid-enabled applications

Currently, the PROGRESS HPC Portal features the following grid-enabled applications: All these applications are available for use within the "My computing jobs" portlet. Additionally, Gaussian and DNA Assembly applications can be accessed with the specialized application portlets.


Scientific databanks

PROGRESS HPC Portal includes a copy of Sequence Retrieval System which can be found here. This is a separate website offering just the data from SRS databanks. We're currently developing tools, which will enable these data as regular Data Management System files.