The GSP and DMS services can be delivered to the users within grid portals by Java portlets. We have implemented a set of such portlets with the use of PROGRESS Portlet Framework


Core portlets

There are three core portlets for use within grid portals:
"My computing jobs" portlet
This portlet allows to create, configure and submit computing jobs for execution in the grid, monitor the job execution, and download and visualize the results. It communicates with the GSP Job Submission and Application Management services and the DMS services.
See the tutorial for the PROGRESS HPC Portal version of this portlet.
"Applications" portlet
This portlet allows to manage the application repository. It allows to add and remove applications, to prepare multiple configurations of applications, and to prepare virtual applications. It communicates with the Application Management Service and the DMS services.
"My data" portlet
This portlet allows to manage the user grid data filespace. The users have a possibility to browse the folders of the Data Managements System, upload and download files from/to DMS. The portlets cooperates with the DMS services.


Specialized application portlets

Specialized application portlets are aimed to facilitate access to grid-enabled applications. They utilize the same services as the core "My computing jobs" portlet, however, knowing the structure and the nature of the corresponding application, they can deliver a highly user-friendly interface to the application. The most important feature of a specialized application portlet is the job configuration wizard, which allows to submit a new computing job to the grid with just three mouse clicks! This is a big advantage over the standard "My computing jobs", which allows to prepare a job on top of any application available in the repository, but the users are required to know how the application should be used. With the specialized application portlets the non-advanced users also can submit computing jobs to the grid: no knowledge on the application or the grid is required, everything can be done automatically by the portlets!

There are currently two such portlets implemented:

"Gaussian" portlet
This portlet was the first specialized application portlet implemented. It is aimed to deliver a popular application from the chemistry area, Gaussian. The "Gaussian" portlet served as the proof of concept for the idea of specialized application portlets and the PROGRESS Portlet Framework mechanisms.
See the tutorial for the PROGRESS HPC Portal version of this portlet.
"DNA Assembly" portlet
This portlet is aimed to facilitate the use of the DNA Assembly application that has been prepared as an additional task within the project. This portlet not only allows to utilize the application itself, but is also capable of adding additional data format converters to the job if necessary, thus creating workflow jobs. In the same time the workflow structure of such a job is hidden from the user: this is very useful for non-advanced users who just want to have their data delivered in their favourite data format analyzed: they do not need to create these workflows by themselves, the portlet does it automatically.
See the tutorial for the PROGRESS HPC Portal version of this portlet.


Other portlets

There are three more portlets implemented as the user interfaces for two remaining GSP services: the Short News Service and the Provider Management Service. These portlets are:
"My News" portlet
This portlet is aimed to deliver news service within portals and other websites. It served as the proof of concept for utilization of a GSP service within multiple independent portals/websites. It also served as the proof of concept for cutomization mechanisms and features of the PROGRESS Portlet Framework: we used these mechanisms and features to quickly (one day) prepare customized servlets on the base of the "My news" portlet for delivery of the Short News Service within this website and the website for Poznań Sun Center of Excellence.
"News: edit" portlet
This portlet is the complementary for the "My news" portlet, which allows only to read the news. With the "News: edit" portlet it is possible to add new, modify and remove existing news. It is aimed for the news editors.
"Management" portlet
This portlet is currently aimed to deliver information stored by the Provider Management Service to the grid-portal environment administrators. It also allows to manage the list of accepted resource requirments for the computing jobs. We plan to make this portlet more functional and sophisticated in the future, adding some more possibilities for configuration of various aspects of the underlying grid-portal infrastructure.


Get it now!

Version 1.1 of the PROGRESS Portlets, including the PROGRESS Portlet Framework and the Upload Servlet can be downloaded here.