'My computing jobs' Portlet

Creating a new grid job

Click 'Add job' in the menu on the left.

A new form will appear. To get back to the job list click 'Job list' in the menu on the left.

The field 'Job name*' is obligatory - you must enter a name for your job (i.e. 'Sample tutorial job'). Use this field to enter a string that will allow you to quickly find the job on your job list. This field cannot be left empty.

The field 'Job submitter' is automatically filled with your distinguished name (DN).

The field 'Job description' can be used to enter some additional information about the job. This is the place where you can put some notes about your job (i.e. 'This is the third attempt...'). While adding a description can be helpful to identify your job after a few months, you are not required to provide one for your job.

To save your new job, click the 'Save' button. From this point on your job is stored within your job respository. It will be stored there until you decide to delete it.

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